Email communications

Rather than clutter up the end of an email with lines and lines of disclaimers, we use a simpler approach; if you’ve followed the link at the bottom of an email this is where you land.

If you’re a good net citizen, all the statements and advises below are self-evident. So apologies if these fall into the category of Grandma and Sucking Eggs.

  • Confidentiality - The e-mail you received and any attachments is intended for the named recipients only. The content may be confidential, privileged, contain valuable intellectual property, and trade know-how. If they have come to you in error you must take no action based on them, nor must you copy or show them to others.
    We would appreciate a reply highlighting the error so that corrective action may be taken. Thanks.
  • Security warning - Internet e-mail is not a secure communications medium. We assume that you are aware of this fact and have taken steps to protect yourself through anti-virus applications and personal learning to be able to identify fake emails (including spam and 'phishing').
  • Viruses - Our emails are scanned for viruses and other malware when they are transmitted.
    A lot might happen along the way and an email is likely to have traversed many systems before it ends up in your Inbox. In keeping with good computing practice you should ensure an incoming email is virus-free when received by you.
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