The Leader's guide to Leading and Managing Customer Experience

Customer Service is a market differentiator for most businesses.
However it is more that a sweet smile; good customer service gains, and keeps, customers, reduces the cost of sale and the cost of error correction.

This guide helps you with:
  • Understanding Customers and Clients.
  • Demonstrates how Lean principles can be applied to make service robust and successful.
  • How it can be applied to telephone and email interactions.
  • Identifying customer service measures (importantly, those not to use).
  • Applying customer service to notices and posters.
Title: The leader's guide to Leading and Managing Customer Service.
Author: Alan Sarsby
Format: Print, Large square (216mm x 216mm).
Content: 87 body pages
ISBN: 978-0-9932504-x-x (to be confirmed)
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